Love Monster


Energy Token

What is Energy?

Love Monsters are much like us, we all need food and energy to survive. $NRG will play a vital part in our game and can be earned through staking your $LMT. Much like $LMT, the $NRG tokens aren’t just ordinary in-game currency with no real-world value. $NRG can used in-game and within our ecosystem.

How to obtain $NRG

  • By staking $LMT
  • Swapping $LMT for $NRG
  • Earned in-game through level-up chests
  • Single side staking
  • Earned in-game from staking $LMT in the bank
  • Earned from staking a monster in the Bedroom or Hotel

Where to spend your $NRG

  • Levelling up buildings
  • Levelling up rooms in the monster home
  • Levelling up plots
  • Send a Love Monster on a resource-hunting expedition
  • Crafting in the monster home rooms, for examples running ovens in the kitchen
1 x $NRG = 1 Minute
When any staking, building or hunting takes place, it will cost 1 x $NRG per minute for each task being performed.

How can I use $NRG tokens?

✅ To power breeding chambers
✅ Charge your Love Monsters to build on Land Plots
✅ Charge your Love Monsters to upgrade your monster home
✅ Provide the Love Monsters with energy to hunt for resources
We will share more details on $NRG and its utility soon.


Token Name: Energy Token Ticker: $NRG Max Supply: Infinite