Love Monster
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Energy Token

What is Energy?

Love Monsters are similar to us in that we all require energy to survive. There will be no early sale or airdrop for the $NRG token, it will launch simultaneously with Staking on February 14th, 2023.
The $NRG token will play a crucial role in our game and can be earned by staking $LMT, or by exchanging $LMT for $NRG at a fixed rate within the game.
Just like $LMT, $NRG tokens are not just a typical in-game currency with no real-world value. The $NRG token is not transferable and can currently only be used within our in-games ecosystem. As you increase and upgrade your Love Monster's level, you will earn more DNA points in the game and also increase the amount of $LMT you can earn on a daily basis.

How do I obtain $NRG?

  • By staking $LMT
  • Swapping $LMT for $NRG
  • Earned in-game through level-up chests
  • The Wheel of Fortune

Where to spend & burn your $NRG

✅ Levelling and Upgrading your Love Monster NFTs
✅ Feeding your Love Monster with energy after battles and crafting
✅ Vesting $NRG for rewards which can be used and traded on or off-chain.
✅ Charge your Love Monster on a resource-hunting expedition
✅ Charge your Love Monster to upgrade your land plots, buildings, or a room in the Monsterverse
✅ To power up breeding chambers


Token Name: Energy Token Ticker: $NRG Max Supply: Infinite Currently an in-game token which can be earned from staking $LMT.