Love Monster

Wake 'n' Stake

At Love Monster, we like our "Stake" rare.
Stake your Love Monsters via our interactive dashboard, the first step towards real utility in our ecosystem.
This is just a taste of what's to come in the Love Monster ecosystem. By staking your Love Monster NFTs, they will automatically generate $LMT as a reward. If you want to earn more $LMT per day, you can level it up with $NRG. Our aim is to merge the elements of RPG gaming and Crypto DEFI into a harmonious and accessible environment for everyone to enjoy in the Monsterverse.

How it works

To start earning money with your Love Monster NFT’s head over to our dashboard via the following link: and follow the simple steps below: 1) Log in to your dashboard and connect your wallet.
2) Click on the Staking tab on the sidebar. 3) Click on “Start Staking” and a popup window will appear. 4) Select the Love Monster you would like to stake, click confirm and your Love Monster will now be staked! 5) You will begin to earn rewards! Don’t forget to level up your Love Monster to increase the daily rewards your NFT produces.
Love Monster Dashboard (Alpha V1.0)

Staking Rewards 💰

The staking rewards you receive will depend on the rarity multiplier, which is determined by the rarity tier of your Love Monster NFT.
Love Monsters Rarity

The Formula 🧪

Each Love Monster starts at level 1, with a Common Love Monster you can earn 21 $LMT per day as it has a 1x rarity multiplier, rarer Love Monsters have different multipliers, as shown above. As your Love Monster increases its level, it will generate more $LMT through our in-game formula, which can increase over time. The new level is permanently written to the NFT's metadata, and if the NFT is transferred at any point, it will move with the upgraded level to its new owner.
Base Value
Current Level
Level of the Love Monster
Multiplier Level
Rarity Multiplier
Dependant of the Love Monsters rarity tier
Prestige Level
Prestige Level Difficulty

Claiming $LMT rewards

You can claim your $LMT at any time. However, make sure your Rewards Jar has enough capacity to store all of the $LMT. Once the Jar is full, staking rewards will pause until you increase its capacity or claim the rewards before they overflow.
This is just the beginning of creating real value for Love Monster NFTs and it will only continue to increase in the future. Note that "Waking 'n' Staking" is different from traditional staking and does not require you to grant us ownership of your Love Monster NFT. All of your assets remain in your wallet. Your Love Monsters will appear in your dashboard once your wallet is connected. You can still list your Love Monster NFTs for sale if you wish to do so, however, any unclaimed $LMT from that Love Monster will be forfeited upon sale or unstaking.

Stake $LMT to Earn $NRG

By staking $LMT, you can start to earn $NRG as a reward token.
Base Ratio without any staking streaks or boosters: 1000:2 Example: 1,000 $LMT Staked = 2 $NRG per day.
On top of this there will also be “Staking Streaks” which act as a multiplier and increase your ROI.
$LMT will be staked in capsules, the longer you keep your tokens staked, the more $NRG you'll be able to make with an additional 6% each month after the first 30 days.
Love Monster Dashboard (Alpha V1.0)

Swap $LMT for $NRG

For those who can't wait and want $NRG faster, there is the option to burn $LMT for a direct swap, currently at a base ratio of 1000:12 which will adjust overtime. When you swap $LMT for $NRG it is burnt, we will be carrying out monthly on-chain burns which will be visible to the public.
Love Monster Dashboard (Alpha V1.0)