Love Monster


Level up your Love Monster through the power of upgradeable NFTs
Your Love Monsters will have several ways of levelling up inside of our ecosystem. The higher the level increases the rewards you can earn. "We are taking upgradeable NFTs to another level." We want to give you as much creative control over your Love Monsters as possible. 🆙 Level up your Love Monster with $NRG. 👕 Upgrade your Love Monsters in-game appearance via the wardrobe. 👊 Upgrade skills making it more valuable for the secondary market. ✍️ Rename your Love Monster making it unique to you.

Level up

By using $NRG, you can increase the level of your Love Monster, which in turn increases their level. The higher the level of your Love Monster, the more $LMT it will generate. It's important to note that the strength and level of your Love Monster affects the amount of DNA points it will receive, which will be useful when our mobile and desktop games are released.
When you fully NRG-ize your Love Monster, you will be able to level it up and make it stronger. The level of your Love Monster will also be displayed on the Love Monster Marketplace, here you can potentially snipe some high level Love Monsters from other community members. However, it's important to keep in mind that as your Love Monster gets stronger and its level increases, it will require more $NRG to level up and the training time will also increase 1 hour for each additional level. It’s not set in stone, however there is potential for us to incorporate a “skip training” feature in the future for players who want to keep up with their competition and don't want to wait.

Golden Ticket

The Love Monster NFT is a unique digital asset that can level up based on certain conditions, with level 90 being a huge milestone level.
Once you level up your Love Monster NFT to level 90 you will be able to claim your Golden Ticket. The golden ticket grants its holder voting power in the Love Monster DAO. This means that the holder of a golden ticket has the ability to participate in the decision-making process of the DAO by casting votes on various initiatives and proposals. The weight of each vote is proportional to the number of DAO tokens that the golden ticket holder holds, so the more tokens they have, the greater their voting power will be.
Members of the DAO will have the opportunity to vote on and contribute to various initiatives and proposals that will drive the future of the Love Monster ecosystem.
Find out more about the Love Monster DAO here.