Love Monster
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Don't break the stake
You can unstake your $LMT at any time, but if you do so your staking streak resets. You can claim $NRG at any time, but it's important to do so before your NRG bottle is full, once its capacity is full you will no longer be able to earn rewards so it's important you frequently come back and claim.
You have the option to withdraw your $LMT from the staking capsules at any time, but it's subject to a "Capsule Breakage fee" of 8.33%, which acts as an incentive to keep your tokens staked. The 8.33% fee is distributed to the Love Monster DAO where members of the DAO will be able to vote on what is done with the tokens, more information can be found by visiting the Monster DAO Page. It's important to keep in mind that there is a hard cap on $LMT, meaning, staking rewards could eventually run out. The higher your Love Monsters level the more $LMT you accumulate, the more $LMT you stake means you can earn more $NRG, allowing you to level up your Love Monsters and earn rewards faster.