Love Monster
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How rare are your Love Monsters?
We have five different rarity types ranging from common, rare, epic, legendary and unique. Even some of the lower ranked Love Monsters still have rare traits.
Toxic genesis, rarities ranging from common to unique.

In-Game advantages

Specific traits, different rarities, and your Love Monsters genesis will all be key factors and play a role in the advantages you unlock within the game. Love Monsters that are of a higher rarity than common possess multiple genesis traits, enabling them to learn skills from various geneses. Information about your Love Monsters different genesis traits can be explored both in-game and through the marketplace.
  • Common Love Monsters have 1 genesis trait.
  • Rare Love Monsters have 2 genesis traits.
  • Epic Love Monsters have 3 genesis traits.
  • Legendary Love Monsters have 4 genesis traits.
  • Unique Love Monsters have 4 genesis traits.