Love Monster
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Love Monster NFT

In a world where you can be anything, be a Love Monster!
With a collection of 9,999 Love Monsters, we had a lot of freedom to let our creativity run wild with the monsters.
Some Love Monsters are cute and innocent, some have angelic or demonic wings, and others have laser beam eyes, amongst many other rare and unique traits. All in all, they are all part of this unique hand-drawn collection.
Each and every Love Monster NFT is unique in its own way.
With six genesis types ranging from Fire, Ice, Water, Toxic, Dark Matter and Earth, each of these monsters has its own level of rarity, different skin colours, and unique attributes, which help the players identify who they are about to battle.

Monster Utility

If you own a Love Monster NFT, you will want to learn how to unlock its full potential. The Love Monster NFTs are more than just a .jpeg giving the holder an ever-growing wide range of options and different use cases. ✅ Love Monsters can be purchased and sold on several marketplaces. This includes our very own Monster Marketplace.
✅ Stake your Love Monster to earn $LMT. ✅ Breed with other Love Monsters.
✅ Play with other players to earn rewards. ✅ Level up your NFTs to increase your rewards. ✅ Personalise and equip them with cool accessories.

Minting a Love Monster NFT

Mint Website: Mint Date: December 3rd 2022 at 5 pm UTC Mint Price: Whitelist: 6 AVAX Public: $150.00 We have SOLD OUT our collection of 9,999 Love Monster NFTS which were minted on Avalanche. 1. Connect your Metamask wallet. 2. Connect to Avalanche c-chain. 3. Bridge or transfer some AVAX to this Metamask wallet. 4. Visit 5. Whitelist Purchase up to 3 x Love Monster NFTS per wallet. 6. Public Mint Purchase up to 12 x Love Monster NFTS per transaction.
You'll also be able to purchase Love Monster NFTS via our secondary Monster Marketplace, Available upon launch.