Love Monster

DNA Stats

You decide how your Love Monster performs in the battle arena.
Each of the 9,999 Love Monster NFT's will have a random selection of DNA stats which vary depending on its rarity. DNA stats can be upgraded through levelling up in the game, for every level you progress you unlock additional DNA stat points. The points you earn within the game can be distributed however you wish, you can also use a DNA potion to reset all of your Love Monsters stats which you have acrued by playing and battling with other players.
Use the DNA stats wisely, you may want to create the ultimate tank to soak up damage for your team mates or maybe you want to be a Healer so you can help revive and heal your other Love Monsters in the battle.

❤️‍🩹 Health

Increases your Love Monsters overall health bar.

💪 Strength

Increases your Love Monsters basic attack.

🔋 Power

Power increases the impact of your special skills your monster learns.

🫶 Love

Increases the recovery of your ability points.

🎯 Accuracy

Increases your chance to deal critical damage and also increases the power of your critical attack.

🚀 Speed

Increasing your speed, dictates how fast you can attack the enemy in each round.