Love Monster

DNA Stats

You decide how your Love Monster performs in the battle arena.
Each of the 9,999 Love Monster NFTs will possess a randomly generated set of DNA stats, the rarity of which will vary. These DNA stats can be improved by leveling up in the game, as you progress, you will receive additional DNA stat points.
You have the freedom to allocate the points earned within the game as you see fit, and you can even reset all of your Love Monster's stats by using a DNA potion.
So, choose your DNA stats wisely. Perhaps you want to create a sturdy tank to absorb damage for your teammates, or maybe you aspire to become a Healer and revive and heal other Love Monsters in battles.

❤️‍🩹 Health

Increases your Love Monsters overall health bar.

💪 Strength

Increases your Love Monsters basic attack.

🔋 Power

Power increases the impact of your special skills your monster learns.

🫶 Focus

Increases the recovery of your ability points.

🎯 Dexterity

Increases your chance to deal critical damage and also increases the power of your critical attack.

🚀 Speed

Increasing your speed, dictates how fast you can attack the enemy in each round.