Love Monster
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Our NFTs

NFTs within the Love Monster Ecosystem
Welcome to our NFT Showcase! Explore a world of virtual treasures and game-changing items that await you in the Love Monster universe. Here, you'll find our collection of NFTs and unlockable items that can enhance your gaming experience and set you on a path to victory.
Our NFTs
Purchase our NFTs via our official Marketplace:
Love Monster Love Monster is our original SOLD OUT collection of 9,999 upgradeable NFTs that generate daily $LMT rewards. These unique NFTs are not just digital art; they are your in-game characters. By owning a Love Monster NFT, you unlock numerous advantages inside the Monsterverse. Love Monster, is more than just a .JPEG!
Zombie Edition Introducing the Zombie Edition, a special collection of 999 pieces which was exclusively airdropped to all Love Monster NFT holders. These limited-edition NFTs hold the potential to unlock a diverse range of in-game utilities, enhancing your gaming experience and giving you an edge in the Love Monster world.
Collectibles In addition to Love Monster NFTs, we offer unique collectibles that are airdropped to our dedicated holders during special events and milestones. These collectibles are not only a testament to your loyalty but also add an extra layer of excitement to your NFT portfolio.
Monsterverse Dive into the captivating Monsterverse, a world where Love Monsters thrive, work, live, and hunt for valuable resources. The Monsterverse features upgradeable land plots with exclusive Play 2 Earn mechanics. Earn rewards off-chain, reducing the impact of gas fees, which can later be converted and traded on-chain through our very own NFT marketplace.
Items Unlock items through various means within Love Monster: Arena of Legends. Whether you conquer daily quests, participate in special events, level up your character, or explore other avenues, these unlockable items enrich your gaming experience. Earn them off-chain and trade them on-chain, expanding your inventory and strategic possibilities in the Love Monster universe.