Love Monster
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Empowering the players.
Love monster is a turn-based combat game structured around an NFT-backed play-to-earn model. Challenge other players in various game modes ranging from 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 battles, Love Monster Tournaments, Arcade games and intricate quests while exploring the uncharted Metaverse known as Monsterverse with daily in-game rewards and unlockable items.

Who can play?

NFT Holders: As a Love Monster NFT holder, your Monster will enter the game with unique looks and a higher rank, making it more powerful than free in-game characters. By owning the Love Monster NFT, you can also rank up your Monster to sell in-game, via our web3 Marketplace or on several NFT Marketplaces.
Free 2 Play: If you don't own a Love Monster NFT, you will play the game with a basic Love Monster, and while still upgradable; you cannot sell the character in the game.