Love Monster




A "Match" is the primary competitive encounter between two players in the Battle Arena, acting as the battleground where players deploy their strategies and skills to outdo each other. It’s the entirety of the game where the objective is to defeat the opponent's monsters and emerge as the last one standing.


A “Turn” is a fundamental segment within a match where monsters from both players have the opportunity to perform their attacks once. It’s a recurring phase allowing players to make decisions and actions in response to the unfolding events of the match.


An “Action” represents the specific moment within a turn where a Love Monster performs its designated move or ability. This is the instance of actual engagement in the match, where each move can strategically alter the course of the game.

Basic Rules Elaboration:

  • Match Framework: Each match unfolds within a singular round, consisting of multiple turns, where players strive to overpower each other’s monsters.
  • Victory Conditions: The victory in a match is determined by which player's monsters remain standing at the end, making every action and turn critical to achieving this objective.
  • Sequential Gameplay: The game progresses through a series of actions and turns within the match. Each action and turn is a stepping stone, shaping the outcome of the match and offering strategic depth and engagement to the players.
  • Strategic Interaction: The essence of the game lies in the strategic interaction and decisions made during each action and turn, allowing players to immerse themselves in the strategic richness and competitive intensity of the match.


A clear understanding of these terms and the underlying rules is essential for optimal navigation and enjoyment of the game. The strategic elements embedded within each action and turn create an immersive and intellectually stimulating environment, allowing players to experience the thrill of competition and the joy of strategic gameplay. The game, through its structured and dynamic flow, ensures a seamless yet intense battle experience where every decision counts towards the ultimate goal: being the last one standing.