Love Monster

The Monsterverse

What will you build in the Monsterverse?
The Monsterverse is our metaverse and home of the Love Monsters.
Our open-world game will enable players to explore and interact with players and landowners within our ecosystem.
There are four different types of land; by owning these plots, you can earn rewards by sending your Love Monster NFTs out to hunt for resources. The resources you collect from your plots can be sold and traded on the in-game Marketplace and onchain via the DEX. In addition, owners of these plots can make upgrades within the game granting bonus resources each day.
If you do not want to sell your resources, they can be utilised for further building, upgrading, and expanding the ecosystem. All of our plots are NFTs. Once you have levelled up your plots and developed them, you can list your plot for sale on the Marketplace.