Love Monster
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Love Monsters, Welcome to the Monsterverse.
We are connecting gamers and collectors worldwide through the power of upgradeable Love Monster NFTs. Each Love Monster can be used in-game and possesses a unique set of skills and abilities – built on the Avalanche blockchain. At its core, Love Monster is a free-to-play mobile & desktop game for both Apple, Windows, iPhone and Android users with massive play-to-earn potential.
A Love Monster NFT is your gateway into The Monsterverse (metaverse) and doubles as your in-game avatar. Unlike traditional gaming, where the gaming studio owns your progression, in-game items, avatars and skins. We give the power back to YOU, the player like never before. Think of your Love Monster NFT as your cute and loveable yet feisty pet. You'll need to feed, train, and help make it stronger, so it is ready to enter the battle arena and take on your opponents.

"Love Monster, More than just a .JPEG"